About Us

I acquired Grove Park Studio in 1984. As an architect myself working on major residential projects in the Chiswick area and based within the studio complex, initially we attracted a range of business within the construction and property development industry to be based within the studio complex. However, over the years, we have helped a whole range of independent business owners and operators with their flexible business premises needs.

The site itself dates back to 1950’s and much of the space was occupied by BOAC shortly after for its close proximity to Heathrow. Since then, the studios have been developed and customised to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses today, but we have maintained the sense of community and feel proud of all those businesses who have developed and grown during their time at Grove Park.

These days, I spend less time working at my drawing table and more time enjoying some of my other pursuits, but I still remain passionate about providing an affordable business environment for SME’s from the Chiswick and Richmond area and whilst I have a small team to look after the day to day running of the complex, I like to learn all about the businesses moving into Grove Park Studios.

Stuart Hemingway AA Dipl DMS RIBA


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